April 05, 2016 2 min read

Corporations around the world spend billions of dollars every year on marketing. They spend this money because marketing works in that it provides a perception of a product and product perception in many cases drives purchasing patterns. This leads consumers to ask themselves whether they are buying quality goods or are they spending their hard earned money on perceptions provided by marketing.

P.T. Barnum was one of America's greatest marketers and his motto, “There is a sucker born every minute” exemplifies the marketing industry's attitude towards truth in advertising. For most marketers’ sales are what count and educating the buying public is a quaint notion more to be smirked at than honored.

If a corporation follows a great marketing plan with all the research that entails it will understand more about what drives the purchasing behavior of the target population than those people know about themselves. The corporation will have invested millions into understanding the needs and preferences of the buying public. Their product will be custom tailored to the public need and the advertising will be crafted to make the public want to buy it even if the targeted population does not realize it needs the product.

However, unfortunately some corporations skip most of the research and development phase, obtain the services of a good marketing firm and expertly advertise and sell products that may be substandard. Using gimmicks of psychology, advertising specialists can package the product so it is visually appealing. With the right combination of message and subliminal cues advertisers make potential customers identify with the product.

With just the right mix of message and visual material advertisers will induce potential customers into believing there are special pleasures or advantages to owning the product. They try to convince the population of potential customers that purchasing the product is not a cost to avoided but a prestige investment that will return benefits of pleasure, convenience, savings, and enhanced respect of one's peers. Great advertising seeks to convince the buying public that it reals wants and needs to product to have a better life, at least until the sale is made.

Corporations that manufacture beauty serums and skin care products know all to well the effectiveness and efficiency of good marketing and advertising. Actually, for some manufactures the majority of the cost does not go to pay for production and distribution costs, but rather for marketing, packaging and advertising. Some manufacturers like RG ADVANCED SKINCARE work hard producing quality products and struggle for market share against others with huge advertising budgets that deliver beautifully packaged products.

This leaves consumers confronted with one basic question: Do you want to spend on beautiful packaging and expert marketing or on quality products. If you cannot know an old book by its cover, even less can you tell a serum or skin care product by its marketing based packaging