Ceramide Infused Super Skin Moisturizer

A hydrating age fighter that works to soften, firm and brighten the complexion while treating the signs of aging and fortifying the skin’s moisture barrier. Loaded with anti oxidants and fatty acids found in safflower and olives, it also has the vitamins and hydration factors found in blue green  algae and hyaluronic acid. EGF provides the cell communicating properties while rejuvenating ceramides help enhance natural collagen production, promote longevity and repair dry damaged skin. While traditional lotions only hydrate the skin’s surface, RG-CELL’s ceramide moisturizer works on the cellular level to strengthen the skin’s moisture retaining capacity and reverse the signs of aging.


    Contains Ceramide 1 to strengthen and support the stratum corneum

       Restores essential lipids

       Boosts the skin’s hydration levels

       Attracts moisture to soothe and calm inflamed skin