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Age-Rite Solutions was conceived by a renowned South Korean Master Herbalist and Dean E Miller, and is the first line of Cosmeceuticals to use several naturally occurring , scientifically proven skin cell activating, correcting and reconstructing ingredients together in one range of products. The RG Advanced Skincare line uses the Nobel Prize winning EGF, which is expertly blended along with scientifically proven botanical and herbal skincare essentials that have stood the test of time.

Fashioned after the Korean skincare philosophy to nurture the skin and treat it as a treasured possession, we advocate prevention, protection, and perfection utilizing the highest quality ingredients we can source from throughout the globe. We combine these ingredients using Korean medicinal theories and apply these with processes that couple the more traditional with modern cutting edge science. 

Using ingredients like EGF, AFA Blue/Green Algae, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and other herbal skincare essentials, this system goes to work at the cellular level to significantly increase collagen , firmness, tone, texture and elasticity resulting in smooth younger looking skin with youthful characteristics.

1.Age-Rite Solutions  is a unique skin care line that works at the cellular level .
2. Age-Rite Solutionsis clinically and scientifically proven to activate the skin’s cells and improve collagen synthesis.
3. Age-Rite Solutions utilizes innovative technology and the highest quality ingredients of natural origins.
4. Age Rite Solutions never compromises quality, nor safety by using harmful chemicals or preservatives.